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Behind the Scenes – Harpoon’s Annual Employee Homebrew Competition

September 5, 2012

For the past 26 years, we have prided ourselves in crafting beers that we enjoy drinking, and what better way to explore new recipes than with an employee home brew competition?

Every year employees from every part of the company get together in small teams and brew a beer for the annual homebrew competition that takes place during our annual company outing (September 17th this year… yes, both breweries will be closed.) Everyone has the opportunity to taste the homebrewed beers and then, the voting begins. By the end of the day, a winner will be crowned.

What does the winner win?

Well, this year a lot is on the line. The winning homebrew will be featured next year as a member of our 100 Barrel Series!

With over 10 teams this year, the competition is quickly heating up. Creativity is involved in every aspect – from recipe development to tap handle design. I’m not kidding, one team developed a beer that includes Fluff, chocolate and graham crackers. Another team dumped cherries in, while another team used coconut.

In the end, it comes down to what beer we enjoy… and look forward to hearing your thoughts when we release it next year (hint: we think you’ll agree)!

The first elimination will happen next week – stay tuned to the blog (and our Facebook page) to learn more about the beers, and which ones will make it to the final round on September 17th, and ultimatley which one will win this year’s competition.

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