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Happy Second Annual #IPADay!

August 2, 2012

That’s right , it’s #IPAday – it’s the best day of the year! As you can imagine, this holiday holds a special place in our hearts.  We love our IPA.  We love all of our IPAs, actually.  When we first started brewing Harpoon IPA as a summer seasonal (nearly two decades ago!) we had no idea that one day there would one day be a holiday in honor of the style.

Last year marked the inaugural #IPAday and you can read our post to learn more about the history of this awesome holiday, which gives us yet another reason to celebrate our favorite beer style – IPA!

We have seen our IPA collection grow over the past couple of years, and we love each and every one of them! In order to make it easier for you to pick out which of our IPAs you are going to drink tonight, I am going to quickly outline all of our delicious offerings starting with…

 Harpoon IPA

Levitathan Imperial IPA

Rich & Dan’s Rye IPA

And… our latest IPA ….

100 Barrel Series #43 White IPA (Bottled TODAY)

Which one do you plan on enjoying today? Let us know! Use #IPAday on Twitter and let the world know which IPA you will be drinking come 5:00PM (or lunch time – we don’t judge).

We love our IPAs and we hope you do too, so we raise a glass to you this #IPAday – Cheers to you and enjoy the best day of the year!


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  1. August 3, 2012 6:54 AM

    Harpoon IPA is a classic – one of my favorite session IPAs.I pulled one from my Harpoon Summer Vacation 12-pack in honor of IPA Day! Can’t wait to try the White IPA.

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