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The Boston Brewhouse Project!

June 27, 2012

Pre-run tank that was delivered to Boston!

That’s right… for the past couple of weeks our Boston brewery brewhouse has been getting a little makeover. The Boston brewhouse was installed in 2002, and allowed us to double capacity at that time.

Now, 10 years later, we are looking on how to increase capacity and efficiency in order to keep on making delicious beer for everyone to enjoy!

I chatted with Caleb Cowgill, one of the Process Engineers here at Harpoon, who worked on this project to learn a little bit more about what’s been happening for the past couple of weeks.

Q: What exactly changed and revamped in the brewhouse?

A: Additional run off lines were added to the bottom of the Lauter Tun, and a pre-run tank was put in between the Lauter Tun and the Boil Kettle. Additionally, a new brewhouse operating system is currently being installed.

Q: Why did those changes need to occur?

A: The boil is the longest part of the brew process (90 minutes). Adding the pre-run tank allows us to begin running off the next batch before the first one has finished boiling – instead of simply waiting. The additional run off lines will shorten the run off time. The new computer system will also give the brewers more accurate control over the entire process!

Q: What does that mean for beer production?

A: In theory, we are increasing our brewing capabilities by about 25%.

And what does that mean for you? More of your favorite Harpoon beers!

Work here at the brewery is never done, and Caleb also mentioned that by the end of the year, we will begin working on a cogeneration system to help lower our draw on the power grid… along with a few other surprises – but it’s too soon to talk about those.

So crack open a delicious Harpoon Bohemian Pilsner, and enjoy a great Wednesday knowing that more of your favorite Harpoon beers are about to be brewed!

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