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Three Day Threshold Mixes Bluegrass & Rock

May 11, 2012

We’re really excited for our upcoming festival – HarpoonFest- and we hope you are too! We celebrate everything that is great about summer, live music, hanging out with friends and of course delicious Harpoon beer. We have 15 awesome local bands playing over two days, and we’ll be featuring a few of these bands here on our blog. Check out the music sampler that we’ve created for you, where you can enjoy some tunes from the original acts that will be performing! Enjoy! Love Beer. Love Music. Harpoon.

Three Day Threshold

How do you describe Three Day Threshold? Well, it would be part country, part bluegrass, with a dash of blues and rock and a generous helping of energy!

Boston’s Three Day Threshold (or 3DT, as their fans call them) has been redefining what Americana music can be, by blending traditional bluegrass styles with good old rock’n’roll.

Fronted by Kier Byrnes, this group has been taking the Boston music scene by storm since they started in 1998.

In 2000, they cemented their place in the Boston music arena when they were recognized as “Boston’s Best Live Band,” by Noise Magazine.

They’ve traveled around the world, playing everywhere from Italy to touring the US Caribbean Military Bases. Yet, they have kept their Boston roots and continue to show New England how to rock.

“Boston’s Three Day Threshold has a felicitously orginal sound,” states The Boston Herald. “Combining the best of the Rolling Stones, The Pogues, Little Feat and Jonny Cash, Three Day Threshold gets juiced up… [Their] songs are energetic, loud and crafted with terrific hooks.”

Three Day Threshold will be taking the HarpoonFest stage on Saturday, May 19th, from 6:20 PM until 7:05 PM. So make sure you grab a pint of delicious Harpoon Summer Beer and get ready to kick off the summer the right way!

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