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Otis Grove brings “Runk” to Boston

May 9, 2012

We’re really excited for our upcoming festival – HarpoonFest- and we hope you are too! We celebrate everything that is great about summer, live music, hanging out with friends and of course delicious Harpoon beer. We have 15 awesome local bands playing over two days, and we’ll be featuring a few of these bands here on our blog. Check out the music sampler that we’ve created for you, where you can enjoy some tunes from the original acts that will be performing! Enjoy! Love Beer. Love Music. Harpoon.

Rock and Funk both have some great history here in Boston, from Wally’s Café in the South End to that dingy apartment on Commonwealth Ave that brought Aerosmith together for the first time. Now – the real question is what happens when the lines between Rock and Funk bleed together?

You get “Runk”.

Otis Grove, the Allston-based band, has been pushing the limits of the music scene here in Boston since they started 6 years ago. With Sam Gilman on the Hammond organ, Tyler Wayne Drabick on guitar and Blake Goedde on the drums, these local mucicianss have been shaking up New England. And we mean it when we say the floor shakes – it really does!

Their one-of-a-kind sound can be attributed to the band’s diverse musical knowledge and experience.

Sam works as a piano technician at Berklee School of Music, so he keeps the things sounding fresh by always being the first to hear about new playing techniques and musical approaches. Tyler’s gritty and distorted guitar playing is influenced by everyone from Jimmie Paige to Mississippi John Hurt. Tyler, who also owns an organ repair shop in Somerville, Boss Organ, customized the organ and Leslie speaker that Sam plays for more overdrive and gain – a sound that has become synonymous with Otis Grove. Blake, who has been playing the drums for as long as he can remember, studied with James Brown’s drummer, Kenwood Dennard, and has developed his own style based on jazz, funk, reggae and hip hop influences.

The result? Performer Magazine’s Sam Merrick describes their sound as “a monstrous funk groove that probably would have sent Godzilla running had he been in the neighborhood.”

When Blake isn’t raging his drum kit, you can find him here at Harpoon Brewery in Boston – he’s our Warehouse Manager! He is responsible for every case of beer or keg that leaves the Boston brewery, so the next time you enjoy a Harpoon beer at your local bar, you’ll know who made that happen. Cheers to that!

Otis Grove is no stranger to playing at Harpoon Brewery festivals, and will kick off Saturday afternoon, on Stage 1 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM.  Can’t wait that long to hear them? That’s OK – download the free HarpoonFest Sampler and listen to “Monarch”, one of their songs from their latest album called “The Runk”.

So get your dancing shoes ready and raise a pint of Harpoon IPA to Otis Grove… it’s their favorite beer, after all. Get ready to enjoy summer the way it was meant to be – with close friends, live music and fresh beer.  Cheers!

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