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Day Five: Onwards to La Trappe and St. Christoffel Breweries!

April 27, 2012

Harpoon brewer Matt DeLuca (who recently brewed the 100 Barrel Series #40 Black IPA), along with 20 other Harpoon employees, is hanging out in Europe this week! He’ll be blogging about their experience in The Netherlands this week – so stay tuned!

From Den Bosch we got up early to head to La Trappe Brewery in Tilburg.  La Trappe was a special place with a lot of history.  La Trappe was founded as a monastic abbey in the mid 19th century and the monks there established a brewery back in the 1930’s as another way to stay sustainable on their own.

La Trappe, which is now owned by the Bavaria Brewing Co., features a Blond, Dubble, Triple, and Quad as well as a Bock that do very well for the brewery.  We had a delicious lunch outside surrounded by the beauty of the abbey.  This was one of my favorite stops.

From there we continued to St. Christoffel Brewery which was a much different type of place compared to La Trappe.  The brewery operated in a small industrial complex in the town of Roermond.  Here we were offered samples immediately of their blond lager and were given a very in depth tutorial on how the brewery handles itself in the marketplace.  St Christoffel is a great example of a hands-on approach to brewing with all of the packaging being done by hand.

From Roermond we then headed to our hotel in downtown Maastricht and looked forward to another evening night free in Holland…

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