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Harpoon Brewery Wins Boston Green Business Award for Sustainability!

April 23, 2012

It was Earth Day yesterday, and people around the world took the time to educate one another about green living and how to effectively live and work in a more sustainable manner. We take this seriously all year round, and this year we have been recognized as a leader in Boston for sustainability and green practices by being awarded the 2012 Mayor’s Green Award!

The 2012 Green Awards were presented to three residents, 11 businesses and two sustainable food leaders – and your favorite brewery was amongst those honored for doing their part in making Boston a greener city!

Wondering how we go to be there?

We have been involved with EnerNoc’s DemandSMART, demand response, program since 2007. What does that mean? That means that when the city of Boston needs more energy (remember those really hot days last summer?) we are able to reduce 350 kilowatts of energy at our Boston brewery, in order for the rest of the city to have enough energy.

Instead of throwing our spent grain (grain that has already been stripped of its sugars during the brewing process) in a landfill, we have built a partnership with a dairy farm out in Westport, MA. The farm will send trucks to our brewery every couple of days, and pick up a total of 130,000 lbs of grain a week! Those are some happy cows!

Also, our keg cooler uses some pretty cool technology in order to keep it at the perfect temperature. You know how in the winter time, you might throw your beer outside, because it’s cold and acts sort of like a refrigerator? Well, we did a similar thing with our keg cooler!  We installed a new Freeaire cooling system, which allows us to use outside air for refrigeration, for about 110 days a year!

Along with these three things, we also have motion sensor lights throughout the brewery, recycle our glass, paper and cardboard, and recapture condensate from the brew kettles in order to save on heating water (boiling 4,000 gallons worth of water, five times a day, five days a week… takes a lot of energy)!

“Mayor Menino continues to advance Boston’s ambitious climate and sustainability agenda in a way that fosters innovation and collaboration,” said Jim Hunt, Boston’s Chief of Environment and Energy.  “The impressive leaders we recognize today exemplify the core values of our green agenda, improve the quality of life in Boston while lowering costs and creating good jobs.”

So, since it was Earth Day yesterday, you should celebrate with drinking a pint of your favorite Harpoon beer – because, well, it was brewed by your favorite environmentally-conscious brewery!

Love Beer. Love the Environment. Harpoon.


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