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Why Do You Splash? We Splash For Clean Water!

March 22, 2012

Let's celebrate our clean water!

Not only is today a gorgeous 80 degree day here in Boston (hello spring!), but it also marks World Water Day – and this weekend we are going to make a splash!

The United Nations created World Water Day in order to remind everyone around the world that while many of us have the luxury of clean water in the United States, there is still an international water crisis. The first World Water Day was celebrated in 1993 and has continued every year with a different focus on how water affects our daily lives.

In order to celebrate the fact that we are lucky enough to have clean water (and people to advocate for keeping the Boston Harbor clean), we will be splashing into the bay this weekend at the second annual Harpoon Helps Cupid Splash to benefit Save the Harbor/Save the Bay!

According to the UN, as of 2011, one in two people on the planet live in a city, and cities are growing dramatically. The problem with this? Infrastructure has not really kept up with the rate of people moving into the cities, and management of urban water and waste is struggling to keep up.

However, thanks to the completion of the South Boston CSO Tunnel Project  last year and the work done by Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and the city of Boston, we can now brag that the beaches of South Boston and North Dorchester are the cleanest urban beaches in the country. Yes, that is right. We are no longer the city that “Loves that Dirty Water” – we love our clean water much better.

So come and splash with us this Saturday at noon! There will be splashes at eight beaches in the greater Boston area. We’ll be at the South Boston location (which will serve as the “Center Stage” for the event), where you will also be able take the plunge, then warm up with a delicious Harpoon beer and a cup of clam chowder from Legal Sea Foods.

For more information head to

This weekend let’s celebrate our clean water!

Love Beer. Love Beaches. Harpoon!


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