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St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations – A Boston Tradition

February 22, 2012
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Here in Boston, there is no bigger celebration than the one that takes place on St. Patrick’s Day. People will travel from all around the country just to see South Boston throw the party of the year – where people line the streets, bagpipes blare  and green-colored beverages are coveted by college students.

You may have heard… we throw a pretty awesome St. Patrick’s Festival, and this year it’s being held on March 2nd and 3rd at our Boston brewery. So get your friends together and head on over and party with us, while enjoying a pint of Harpoon Celtic Ale and listening to some great live music, including Joshua Tree The Gobshites and Colum Cille Pipes & Drums!

Plus, you’ll get to celebrate St. Patrick’s in the city where it all started.

The first St. Patrick’s Day celebration took place in 1737, and was organized by The Charitable Irish Society of Boston. The celebration was put together in order to honor Ireland and was marked with a small parade and a special dinner (Fun Fact: To this day, the Society still throws a St. Patrick’s Day Dinner).  While the Society continued to meet throughout the years, the next time they met on March 17th was in 1794.

March 17th isn’t the day that St. Patrick was born, and it wasn’t the day that he died… so why the date? There is an old Irish saying that “February kills the sheep and March the people.” Winters were cold and harsh, so the middle of March seemed like a good time to mark the arrival of spring and the end of a hard winter.

March 17th also has a second special meaning in Boston, because on March 17, 1776 the Red Coats retreated from Boston, which means that Evacuation Day also coincides with our favorite Irish holiday! You could even say that Boston was protected by St. Patrick, since orders from George Washington’s headquarters in Cambridge said that the password of the day would be “St. Patrick,” in order to stop British spies from getting into the ranks.

No “St. Patrick”? No access to Boston.

So come celebrate St. Patrick with us in South Boston, and raise a glass of our Celtic Ale to spring, independence and Ireland!


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