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More Beer Tanks? Yes, Please!

January 19, 2012
Best Thursday Ever!

As you might remember from previous posts, we have been adding new tanks over the last few years in order to make more Harpoon beer for you guys to enjoy!

Today, we are keeping our promise of making more beer by welcoming a couple new MASSIVE tanks – two 1200 barrel bright beer tanks are going in at our Boston brewery. They are now the biggest tanks at the brewery, with each tank capable of holding enough beer to fill 2400 kegs.  Now that’s a lot of beer.

What does a bright beer tank do? I thought you’d never ask!

Bright beer tanks are the last step for beer before it gets packaged in a bottle or in a keg. The bright tanks will be filled with beer after the yeast has been filtered out of the beer. At this point, we are going to add in the other 2/3rd of carbonation, through a process known as “forced carbonation”, to our beer.  Basically, we pump in CO2 through something that looks like a pummice stone, and it infuses the beer with CO2.

It kinda works how an oxygen stone works in a fish tank.

The reason why this is so important is because our house ale yeast usually produces about 1/3rd of the total carbonation during fermentation. So, in order to bring our beer to the desired carbonation level, we use the bright beer tanks.

These brand new tanks will be joining the other new tanks outside our brewery… we’ve got a pretty awesome collection going on now! We’re very excited to get these up and running  because we know you’re thirsty.


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