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Congrats Lindsey on New K2 Skis!

January 13, 2012

Lindsey with her new K2 Skis!

For me, nothing beats heading out on the slopes and getting a couple runs in before heading over to the ski lodge for a delicious Harpoon beer on a weekend. Judging from the large number of people who entered our K2 Ski Sweepstakes… you guys like to spend your weekends that way too!

I had the pleasure to hand off these awesome pair of K2 skis to our winner – Lindsey from Somerville, MA – this past weekend, and since snow is in the forecast in certain parts of New England, it looks like she’ll have the opportunity to really break those skis in (I’m not going to lie… I’m a little jealous).

Lindsey’s been a Friend of Harpoon since May 2011, but “Harpoon was a friend of [hers] long before then!”

She mentioned that she was just looking around on the Harpoon website, in search of an upcoming brewery event, and she discovered the contest section, took her chances and never looked back.

“[I’m] So pumped to get out on the slopes and use them for the first time,” said Lindsey.

Our winner has just one request though –

“How about some fresh powder, New England?”

Cheers to that!

Interested in becoming a Friend of Harpoon? Click here!

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