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Harpoon Helps: Brewing for a Good Cause

October 26, 2011

With the last of the leaves falling and frosty mornings becoming more common, we know the holiday season is almost here.  As active members of our community, we also like to take the opportunity to spread around some smiles and make sure everyone is able to enjoy a warm meal during the holidays.

For the second year, we have brewed our Harpoon Grateful Harvest Cranberry Ale, as a way of giving back to the communities that we are a part of.  The idea behind brewing this beer stems from the same ideas that Harpoon was founded on – making good beer and being a good neighbor within our communities.

Harpoon Helps, our charitable arm, has become a cherished program here at the brewery. So far in 2011, Harpoon Helps has raised $390,000 and has poured 20,000 pints, along with hundreds of volunteer hours, to benefit 170 local non-profits.

We understand the importance of being an active part of our community, especially as the holiday season nears and many families struggle to make ends meet. We are doing are part to make sure that everyone has a warm meal to enjoy on Thanksgiving.

For every six-pack bought in your local store or at one of our breweries, $1 is donated to the local food bank in the area where the beer was purchased – so grab a six-pack and give back to your community this Thanksgiving!

Not only is buying the beer good for the soul, but it’s also delicious to drink.

Harpoon brewer, Adam Walsh, brewed this beer using pureed cranberries harvested from the local A.D. Makepeace bogs.  His vision was to create a clean, drinkable beer that would have a subtle cranberry flavor and a strong malt backbone.

The result? A well-balanced amber ale that finishes with a hint of cranberry that pairs perfectly with all of your favorite Thanksgiving foods.

To show you firsthand how perfectly it pairs, we are also inviting you to our 5th annual Harpoon Helps Grateful Harvest Cranberry Beer-B-Q at our Boston brewery on November 13th. Harpoon Helps is partnering up with the New England Barbecue Society in order to put together a barbecue–style Thanksgiving meal to raise money for the Greater Boston Food Bank. 

Tickets are on sale now, and 100% of the ticket sale goes to the Greater Boston Food Bank

This Thanksgiving don’t just drink a good beer, but drink a good beer AND be an active member of your community! Love Beer, Love Life, Love Community.

Raise your pint with us at our 5th Annual Harpoon Helps Grateful Harvest Cranberry Beer-B-Q!


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