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Come Visit Us in Boston!

August 26, 2011

Being a brewery means that not only do we get to make delicious beer and cider, but it also means that plenty of people are interested in learning more about what happens behind the scenes. Since we have an “open door” policy, we’d love to see you sometime so you can not only learn more about what we do here, but also how our beers taste!

Our Boston brewery is located right on the South Boston waterfront, so come over and see us any day during the week. That’s right, we are open seven days a week, because not only do we love making beer, we also love talking to you about it.

Feel free to visit us any day during the week if you want to pick up some cases of beer, a new T-shirt or a growler of your new favorite brew (especially those beers that are harder to find on the market… like Munich Dark!)

Monday through Friday we also host complementary hour long tastings in our tap room. For an hour, you get the opportunity to listen to a couple of Harpooners teach you a little bit about the beers that we make and the company, all while allowing you to sample some of our delicious offerings. However, we are unable to take you on a full “walk and talk” through the brewery during the week because… well… we are making the beer!

But head over on Saturday or Sunday and we would love to give you a tour (we give brewers the weekend off… happy brewers make good beer!)  We will take you on a guided walk through the brewery, starting at the brew house and explain how we brew out beer and get it out on the market. You also will get the opportunity to try the freshest IPA ever… straight from the source!  Maybe I’ll even be your tour guide (seriously, though. I do give tours on the weekend, so stop and say hi)!

Tours on Saturday and Sunday do sell out, and they are sold on a first come first serve basis, so if taking a tour of the brewery is on your weekend itinerary, make sure you plan ahead and get to the brewery a little early.

So head over to South Boston to experience where the magic all started – 306 Northern Ave.  I hope to see you all soon!

P.S. We are open and doing tours on Labor Day, so say good-bye to summer and hello to fall while enjoying a UFO Pumpkin or Octoberfest with us!

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