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Help Us Fight Hunger!

August 10, 2011
Let’s Fight Hunger in Vermont!

Something that has always been important to us, from day one, is being a good neighbor and an active part of the local community. Not only does this mean making delicious beer for everyone to enjoy, but it also means that we love giving back to the areas that have welcomed us into their community.

On Saturday, August 13 th,  we are having our 10th annual Point to Point bike ride in Vermont to help the Vermont Foodbank accomplish its mission – to make sure that no one in Vermont goes hungry.

According to the Foodbank, one in seven Vermont children are hungry and 25,000 children must rely on food shelves and meal sites to access sufficient healthy foods.

We are making sure that we are doing our part to help fight hunger in Vermont – and in order to do that we are raising money for this worthy cause, and for that we need your help!

A dollar donation goes a long way – $1 provides 6 meals to Vermonters in need. For every $10  donation the Foodbank is able to distribute 60 meals to families across the state who are unable to put food on their tables.

We have 600 riders riding to fight hunger on Saturday, August 13 and so far, they have raised at least $65,000!

Our goal is to raise $150,000… can you help us meet it?

Vermont welcomed us with open arms in 2000 and we want to make sure that we continue saying “thank you” to the whole state by being a good neighbor and giving back to the community that has given us the opportunity to become who we are today.

Want to help us fight hunger? It’s easy – you can make a donation online here!

We will be accepting donations until September 13 th, so let’s help make a difference in Vermont!


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