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Love Beer, Love Life, Love Bikes!

August 5, 2011
Love beer, love life… love bikes!

There is nothing more pleasant to me than taking a leisurely bike ride on a breezy summer day exploring the city. While Boston seems like a great place to pedal around right now (especially since the introduction of the new Hubway bike-sharing program), it didn’t always use to be that way.

In 2006, Boston was voted one of the worst cities to cycle in… but that started changing in 2007 when Mayor Thomas Menino started the Boston Bikes program, where businesses and community members were encouraged to help make cycling easier and safer in the city.

To show how far Boston has come in just five years,  we were honored to receive a Bronze Award for being a Bike Friendly Business in 2011 – to which we say “Thank You, Boston!”

“The example you set… will make others want to follow your lead,” said Menino to a crowd of recipients on Wednesday, August 3rd.

Being an active part of the community is something that we have been about for the past 25 years, and this recognition really hits home for us. Whether it’s installing bike racks for visitors and employees, partnering up with Urban AdvenTours for a Bike & Brew tour or throwing our annual Brewery to Brewery and Point to Point rides, we want to make sure that we are there for the people that are always there for us!

Not only did we get recognition, but the City of Boston also received an award! The League of American Cyclists awarded Mayor Menino and the City of Boston the Silver Medal Bike Community Award.

Congrats Boston – and thanks for everything!

So enjoy these last couple of weeks of summer on your bike, knowing that there are plenty of businesses that support you – along with the city.

And remember… always cycle with a helmet!

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