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Harpoon Goes to Europe

May 3, 2011

The annual Harpoon Employee European beer culture trips began over a decade ago when a few Harpooners, including co-founders Rich and Dan, went to Strasburg, Germany to partake in a beer festival. The group had so much fun, it became a tradition for Rich and Dan to bring Harpoon employees celebrating their 5th anniversary (and significant anniversaries thereafter) on a tour of breweries in different regions throughout Europe. Past trips have included visits to Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, and so on. The group visits breweries large and small, and learns about beer culture in each region.

Currently, about 10 of our colleagues are soaking up the beer culture in Stockholm, Oslo, and Bergen (Norway). Chris Bonacci, Regional Sales Manager for Harpoon, has been taking notes along the way so we can all enjoy the journey with them.

So go grab a beer, get comfortable, and enjoy this year’s Harpoon Beer Culture Trip!

More to follow soon!


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