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Harpoon Europe Trip: Days One and Two (Boston/Amsterdam/Stockholm)

May 3, 2011

This blog entry is from Chris, Regional Sales Manager for Harpoon, reporting live from the annual Harpoon Employee European beer culture trip to Scandinavia. To learn more about the Harpoon Trip to Europe, read this post first.

We were lucky enough to be leaving from Logan’s Terminal A, which meant that we could enjoy one last round of Harpoon at the Harpoon Tap Room before catching the afternoon flight through Amsterdam and on to Stockholm. There were ten of us making this leg of this trip, led by co-founder Dan Kenary; Rich Doyle would meet up with us later in Stockholm.

We arrived in Amsterdam around 6 am local time, and while a few of us tried to rest up just a little longer before starting our first full day in Europe, some of the more adventurous members of our group (a group of production, sales, marketing coworkers) stopped off at the Heineken tap room for a quick taste of the Netherlands before we hopped a short flight to Stockholm.

Upon arrival at Stockholm, we checked in and enjoyed an afternoon walking through the city. Our hotel is right on the water, and it was immediately evident that Stockholm is a beautiful port city. Summers are short and the winters long in Scandinavia, and the arrival of spring is heralded by Walpurgis (a holiday celebrating the arrival of spring with bonfires, singing, and drinks). We arrived the morning after the celebration, and as a result Stockholm was expectedly quiet. We stopped for lunch outside the Nobel Museum, enjoyed some beers from the Abro brewery, and took in the distinctly European May Day parade.

Soon after, we were off to explore Sodermalm, and on our way we stopped at the Glenfiddich Warehouse and discovered that Scandinavian craft beer is alive and well. We sampled some of the country’s offerings and ‘researched’ a few of the breweries we would eventually visit. After a stop at a beer garden where we enjoyed beautiful views of the city (as well some amusing pictures that may not make it onto this blog) before we left to meet up with Rich at an English style pub.

Dan had scheduled a dinner at Fjaderhomarnas Krog and Magasin on Fladerholmerna Island, and seven of us managed to show up on time for the ferry ride over. The restaurant and island resembled the rocky New England coast, and the menu was heavy on seafood. We sampled some local cuisine and drink (reindeer and aquavit) and when the missing members showed up, we enjoyed a great dinner before catching the late ferry. It had been a long day and a half, and we were ready for sleep. A few of us tried to take in the Stockholm nightlife, but were politely told that their venue of choice was ‘closed for a private party.’

It was time to call it a night.


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