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Big Crane Excitement

December 2, 2010

If you’ve visited our Boston Brewery in the last 9 months, you’ve probably seen a lot of construction taking place in what used to be our parking lot (i.e. the area formerly known as the location of Harpoon Octoberfest, Harpoon St. Patrick’s Festival, Harpoon Summer Session…etc.). Last week 4 very LARGE conditioning tanks arrived and were put into place and an equally huge waste water tank was installed. These new tanks, along with the new infrastructure in place for additional tanks to be installed as needed, will significantly increase the capacity of our Boston brewery.

Here are some facts about our new tanks…

Number of tanks installed:
5 total, four fermenters and one waste water storage tank

The tanks hover 35’ into the air.

Each fermenter will hold 1,000 kegs of beer

They were produced by a very well respected European brewing tank manufacturer called Ziemanns, in the beautiful river city of Ludwigsburg, Germany (near Stuttgart)

Used for:
BEER!! Fermenting gallons upon gallons of glorious, freshly-brewed Harpoon beer!

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