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All About the Bands at Harpoon Summer Session

June 1, 2010

There are 14 bands playing at this weekend’s Harpoon Summer Session and we thought we’d let you know a little bit about all of them. Many thanks to David Day at the Weekly Dig for putting these notes together.

The David Wax Museum:
Combination of old American country with Mexican roots and a tint of neo-folk. “It was a perfect blend of Americana and traditional Mexican folk music, bringing Calexico to mind.” (

Kingsley Flood:
“Plenty of fiddle-fueled jaunts and calculating explorations into solid songwriting that showcase the talents of each player” (Weekly Dig)

Dwight & Nicole:
A Mix of soul, blues, and folk that is worthy of respect. “A couple of fiercely talented musicians who love making music as much as they adore each other.” (Weekly Dig)

DJ Stage: Paul Foley and the 1980s experience:
No one does the ’80s like Paul Foley and his go-go dancers.

Heavy distortion and ambient lunacy that combines melody and edge. “A Boston outfit whose songs sound like disquieting dreams released into an echo chamber.” (

Southern Belle:
Fresh young faces on the scene, Southern Belle is a synth-driven pop magnet of sound. Perhaps the next big Boston thing to land on the international stage.

Bad Rabbits:
Punk rock attitude with the soul of funk provides an electric live performance. “The band combines 80’s funk/r&b with a rock attitude that can and will literally jump out of your speakers.” (> )

A regular line-up that includes Christian McNeil, Jesse Dee, Tim Gearan, John Aruda, Jeremy Gustin and others. An uncompromising powerhouse of talent.

MC Rob Crean:
Your Master of Ceremonies is a master of laughter. The hardest-working DIY Comedian in Allston and beyond.

Dub Apocalypse:
Boston based Reggae induced band with an addiction to dub. Featuring members of John Brown’s Body.

Jeff Rowe:
Influence by punk, yet playing acoustic folk, these songs are certain to be ear-pleasers.

Coyote Kolb:
“This flavorful band has a lot to offer when you’re not listening to them from your chair but standing up and swaying to the upbeat, old-timey-folk swooning sounds.” (

Three Day Threshold:
“Three Day Threshold have been taking names for nigh on a decade—with their not-so-mild Turkish blend of straight country, psychobilly and the folk musics of drinking peoples.” (Weekly Dig).


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