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Day 2: The Brewery Tours – Paulaner

May 4, 2010

The first stop of the day was Paulaner Brewery, founded by monks back in 1634. It is still located in its original location. Our guide for our tour, Martin, a 20-year Paulaner brewmaster, graciously took us through this expansive facility. The brewery today sells its beer in 65 countries has 17 styles and is a household name in southern Bavaria and beyond. The brewery was built, originally on the outskirts of Munich, in a hilly area. In these hills, many of Munich’s breweres, including Paulaner, built deep storage cellars for their beer.

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One fascinating fact from Paulaner that Martin told us – there is a large underground lake that spans from Paris to Vienna. This lake originates from the last Ice Age and is about 250 – 300 meters below the ground. It is located conveniently right underneath Paulaner, which has 4 deep wells that draw this natural and pure soft water up to the brewery for their brewing. <> They have been doing this since the 19th century. Talk about good fortune. Pure and soft water is such a critical ingredient to the brewing process and given their ability to pull water from below ground means that the brewery does not have to pay a single cent for this ingredient. Many breweries including Harpoon purchase municipal water. Martin mentioned that many companies have access to this water source and all of them work very hard to maintain its purity.

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