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Day 2: The Brewery Tours – Andechs

May 4, 2010

Next on our itinerary, Andechs Monestary and Brewery, a 30 minute drive from Munich. This brewery was founded in 1455 and is now managed by 7 monks. This brewery makes and sells about the same amount of beer as Harpoon. Our guide, Ursala, told us about the history of the monastery, which was founded during The Crusades and has been the most significant pilgrimage site in Germany for centuries due to the relics that the knights brought back to the monastery. Now a days, the brewery is the attraction – hosting over 1.6 million visitors per a year at their beer garden, more than the most popular tourist attraction in all of Germany, Lienderhof Castle.

There were two things that struck me about the Andechs Brewery. First, the brewhouse at Andechs was from the same manufacturer, Huppeman, and about the same size as our Boston brewhouse. Second, the bottling operation was very modern and efficient, right down to robot that operates the entire kegging operation. It was very impressive (no truth to the rumor that the robot replaced two monks).

We were not allowed to take photos inside the brewery, but here are some pics of their complex, beer garden, and the beautiful surrounding area.

Cheers from Andechs

Enjoying lunch prior to our tour at Andechs, Asst VP for Brewing Sean Cornelius brings beers back to our table in the beer garden

Todd Charbonneau, Head Brewer of our Boston Brewery, enjoys some down time after lunch.

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  1. May 4, 2010 8:00 PM

    Ooooooh Munich – like heaven!


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