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Harpoon Mustache Day 2009

December 21, 2009

Hey Everybody, it’s Mustache Day at Harpoon!  This is the one special day of the year when all the brewers shave off their, uhhh, lovely beards they’ve been sporting for weeks and flaunt their inner Tom Selleck.  Except for Katie – she does not have a beard.  Or a mustache, for that matter.  But she still got into the spirit of Mustache Day!  It’s hard not to.

So, now that we have this blog and website and all that jazz, we thought we’d bring Mustache Day to the masses.  All hail modern technology!

This is the 3rd year of Harpoon Mustache Day.  It started as a competition between a few of our brewers who thought they could craft the World’s Finest Mustache.  As Charlie Cummings, Harpoon brewer and 3rd-year contestant put it,   “There’s really no good reason behind it.”  True enough, Charlie, but it certainly brings joy to the rest of us at the brewery.

Some of the fellows got pretty creative with their ‘stache designs this year.  Check out the pictures and see for yourself.

The Mustaches

This year’s big winner, the King of Harpoon Mustache Day 2009, is Fred Hamp.  Congratulations, Fred!  You reign supreme…as far as mustaches on Harpoon brewers dyed in the colors of the rainbow go.

Sweet 'stache by Fred

Here’s to another successful year of Harpoon Mustache Day!  Now let’s go grab a beer and make beer foam mustaches, shall we?

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