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Good Day To Start A Blog

February 6, 2009

Welcome to our “Love Beer. Love Life. Harpoon.” blog, the official blog of the Harpoon Brewery.

This blog is not the only thing brand new at the Harpoon Brewery today. Today, we have bottled our latest addition to the 100 Barrel Series, Catamount Maple Wheat. Fans of the 100 Barrel Series will know that this is the 26th beer in the series.

bottled on February 6, 2009

About the brewer
John Baker started home brewing in 2003, and is the first non-brewer, non-founder of Harpoon to have a 100BL. He is an area sales manager in Chicago, and has been with Harpoon since November of 2001.

About this beer
John’s inspiration for the Maple Wheat Ale was his father’s sugar operation and maple farm in East Dummerston, VT that has been in business since the 1950s. John wanted to combine his two favorite things, beer and syrup, into one. John also tried another Maple Beer while in Colorado, so he decided to home brew a beer and add syrup.

This is a rare beer style that is typically only done in the Northeast. Syrup is expensive and is something most mass brewers don’t want to buy, but is a curiosity of many home brewers.

The pure maple syrup used in this beer came from two syrup makers in the Green Mountain State. The Baker Family in East Dummerston has been boiling maple sugar since the 1950s. Dave Gavett also provided syrup from his Scrag Mountain Sugar House in Waitsfield. John’s recipe, along with top quality syrup from these two Vermont maple sugar operations, resulted in a crisp wheat ale that is warming and delicious. It is mildly hopped to profile the distinct aroma and flavor of real Vermont Maple Syrup.

Learn more about Catamount Maple Wheat here.

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